Non-Routine Questions-Preferred Math Learning Styles

Navigating MathLand: A Guide for Parents to Help Their Kids Through the Maze followed a student’s struggle learning math from fourth grade through middle school.  At the end of grade 5, the student was placed into an advanced middle school program. The program compressed three years of math curriculum (Common Core), a rigorous program, into … Continue reading Non-Routine Questions-Preferred Math Learning Styles

Is Just Passing Really Achieving?

Many students find when they get to their freshman year in college that they are not prepared for college math or writing, and they need to take remedial courses. Remedial courses, which have to be paid for affect students chances of graduating college in four years. On the other end of the spectrum are those … Continue reading Is Just Passing Really Achieving?

Invitation to Set Up a Math Fluency Toolbox

Welcome parents, grandparents, family, and friends who are helping a child with math homework. One would think that it is summer and school is far from the mind but my encounter this weekend with a former colleague has become one of many I have experienced – and usually takes place at a social function. In … Continue reading Invitation to Set Up a Math Fluency Toolbox